Convictions & Values

EPEE exists to serve its clients.
EPEE will not carry out any activities which run counter to its professional ethics.
EPEE only carries out its activities within the scope of French and foreign legislation and only uses legal means to do so.
EPEE will not work for two competing companies at the same time, thereby avoiding any conflicts of interest.
EPEE handles each case with a high degree of professionalism, guaranteeing a great deal of communication with the client, and observing strict confidentiality.
EPEE treats its staff and partners with trust and respect.
EPEE takes great care to respect the environment in which it carries out its activities.
EPEE firmly supports the principles of economic patriotism, which it views as constituting a pragmatic, open and respectful approach to the protection of French interests during global competition, in order that these interests may be constantly promoted and where necessary vigorously defended.