EPEE was founded in 2005 by Jacques Hogard, who has been associated since the beginning with Patrick Vaugien.

Specialized in consulting in the field of strategic intelligence and also the inventor of corporate diplomacy, EPEE was created to support French and European companies in their international development strategy. Thanks to the know-how of its team and its worldwide network of partners, EPEE intervenes in all sectors and all geographical zones.

EPEE offers “tailor-made” support to accompany its clients and to take up challenges throughout their projects. EPEE has developed a real expertise in the set-up of high-level and trustworthy networks to guarantee the success of its clients’ projects.


Convictions and values

EPEE will not carry out any activities which run counter to its professional ethics.
EPEE only carries out its activities within the scope of French and foreign legislation and only uses legal means to do so.
EPEE will not work for two competing companies at the same time, thereby avoiding any conflicts of interest.

Security consulting company


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