About us

EPEE offers its clients customized support in:

  • accessing new markets;
  • consolidating and developing already-explored markets;
  • resolving crises and disputes encountered abroad.


EPEE meets the challenges facing its clients through the application of influencing strategies based on:

  • the strength of its international networks, particularly in political and economic spheres, and in civil society;
  • its ability to build new ones, to meet specific demands;
  • its original methodology, outside of traditional solutions.


Convictions & Values

EPEE will not carry out any activities which run counter to its professional ethics.
EPEE only carries out its activities within the scope of French and foreign legislation and only uses legal means to do so.
EPEE will not work for two competing companies at the same time, thereby avoiding any conflicts of interest.



EPEE fully assumes its role and justifies its services.

EPEE goes beyond simply responding to the questions posed by its clients, instead offering them all the information they need to fully understand the challenges facing them.

EPEE’s specialists are recognised for their experience, their sense of responsibility and their ethics.

Beyond simply mastering the technical aspects of its activities, EPEE takes full account of all external, economic, legal, political, cultural, and societal factors likely to enter into the equation, in order to maximise the impact of its work.

A capacity for analysis
EPEE takes full account of all factors likely to have an influence on the expansion of French and European companies internationally, and can carry out analyses which may be used to form the basis for future discussions and action.

A source of new ideas
EPEE takes the initiative, anticipating situations and helping to stimulate debate through its ideas, taking part in the planning and implementation of its clients’ strategies.