The strategic intelligence and corporate diplomacy consulting company, EPEE, supports its clients in their international development strategy. (-> our offer to companies)


The safety department of the EPEE group, ESEI, advises and supports its customers in their approach of anticipating and reducing the risks related to unstable environments by the implementation of adapted protection devices (ESEI website: .


In Africa and at the request of certain states, EPEE proposes, in order to respond to the growth of social and security instability, a specific training program : CSS, Contribution to the Stability of States (CSS -> our offer to states).





  • Our customers are waiting for a work of precision, and not ‘’off-the-shelf’’ solutions. EPEE claims an exclusively “hand-stitched” approach.
  • Inscribing their development in a vision of medium / long-term, our customers cannot be satisfied with supports of circumstances. EPEE offers a unique expertise of influence network engineering, based on trust and power.
  • In the event of a crisis, our clients need allies who make common cause with them. EPEE puts at their service an experience acquired in many areas of crisis, where political, diplomatic, economic and legal considerations have been involved at the highest level.
  • In the interest of our customers and in accordance with its values, EPEE has placed ethics at the heart of its operational approach. Since its creation, EPEE wanted to affirm it by instituting a Committee of Ethics and by issuing a Charter of Ethics.




In the early 2000s, EPEE invented the corporate diplomacy business.

This concept can be summed up by a simple equation:

 Corporate Diplomacy = Strategic Intelligence + Network Engineering

CD = SI + NE


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At EPEE, these skills are brought together and benefit from a real know-how, saving a decisive time for our customers, giving them informations and contacts facilitating their efforts and the development of their strategy.